Surfline West Coast and Hawaii Surf Outlook

September 05, 2017

Untitled photo

LAHAINA - For the northern exposures of these beautiful chunks of lava, there is substance for the early season. We’ve seen an increase in lows over the higher latitudes of the North Pacific, and will see the first decent early season swells start about a week into September.

At least initially, high pressure over the Northwest Pacific may serve to limit storms to the outer rim of the basin, forcing recurving tropical systems from the Western Pacific and off Asia up and around it then across the Aleutians. This isn’t a great pattern, but it doesn’t appear to totally shut things down either.

When looking to the climatology we expect to see an increase in appreciable swell through September, probabilities for surf over shoulder high on a given day effectively doubling through October, followed by more incremental gains for November.


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