Spot Check: San Onofre, California

August 29, 2018

SAN CLEMENTE, CA. - Known for its gentle, user-friendly waves, San Onofre is often referred to as the Waikiki of California. Everyone from beginners to salty old-timers to hipsters to full families in Winnebagos can be found in the San-O lineup or congregating in the dusty parking lot.But there’s one key thing missing from San-O: egos

The history of San-O dates back to the early days of California surfing, when local goofyfooter Bob Sides noticed good waves breaking below the cliffs and beyond the San Onofre train station.

Sides enlisted Lorrin “Whitey” Harrison and a few other surfers of Newport Beach’s Corona Del Mar jetty – which, before the jetty extension in 1935, was a popular surf spot – to trek down to San-O for a two-day surf exploration mission. And since then, San Onofre has been a sanctuary for surfers.


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